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Because most of us individually, our leadership and our society in general accepted and participated in a multi-year consumer based false economy, most of us individually, our leadership and our society are all at fault. While the impact on almost everyone appears to be serious, each of us needs to view this as an opportunity to get ourselves back to reality and form a basis for our proper personal and society re-development.

Twenty-two years ago I started the Uncommon Individual Foundation with the idea that the most important way for me to benefit my fellow man was to "Give Forward" by using mentoring to assist individuals in developing and pursuing a proper personally defined life objective. We are now develping in a way to enable individuals and organizations to activte and implement this process.

While we believe education is important, we are focusing on encouraging and assisting in the process of activation and implementation. Activation and implementation are the most complicated and difficult components of becoming and getting to where one needs to be in life.

I am inspired by many, including Krista and Athena who provide the wisdom that encourages proper passion and leadership in this effort. I am finding that leadership comes from the acceptance by many of the importance of our mission and objectives.