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I bring a kindred and keen energy to this crisis, personally. In a failing economy where things are so uncertain, I have an optimism that will remain, even in the darkest of times. My soul's strength will not allow me to be negative when we need innovation, ideas and leadership to get us out of this crisis. Practicing Yoga every morning, I am empowered each day to have positive energy - I go about my day with stability and direction. I believe we need this during these trying times.

My spirituality, loving myself and the world around me, encourages me each day to seek answers and language that will help people smile and/or feel that hope surrounds us. From this, I understand that we want help and hope. Therefor my positive and peaceful energy is welcomed wherever I am.

I see people gravitating towards this peaceful and positive energy. Conversations that develop with me or around me encourage others to listen, to want to learn, and to gravitate to words that are opposite of dark and negative.

With this understanding, we will empower one another and help one another escape or avoid creating situations or the energy involved in this crisis in America.

I consider myself a Change Agent. In the previous words, I am a Change Agent in the sense that I am helping others see that there is hope in the depths of crisis and it can be used to brighten our days and our paths in life.