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We are not in a crisis. We are in a transformation. The crisis is of the ego, not of the society. The Old Testament and New Testament are books the inform Americans to always strive and never arrive. We have no goal posts. When you don't know where you are going you will never get there. Where are the goal posts?

What race and gender quota is the right one? Everyone knows the wrong quota, get rid of the white Christian male. Rejoice in electing and appointing people based on race, gender, corporation, and nation state, not merit. That is the source of the financial crisis.

The financial crisis could have been avoided by listening to our parents. It is a bad idea to charge interest rates that are a crime against humanity. It is a bad idea to give unqualified people houses at interest rates they can not pay with no money down. The crime was perpetrated by brokers, in New York City, who desires unlimited money.

How good is good enough? Where are the goal posts. What does America want? My definition is simple. Everyone should have 100 square feet of safe personal space. Everyone should have two gallons of drinking water per day. Everyone should have 2500 calories of whole, healthy, unprocessed food per day. Everyone should have three changes of clean, durable, functional clothing. Everyone should have 228,000 btu's of fuel per day (two gallons of gasoline). Everyone should have five friends that love and respect them and tell the whole transparent truth. Everyone should have simple, cheap, basic health care (not unlimited exotic health care). That gives us a floor to share with people. I also believe no human is worth over one million dollars a year, thirty million dollars in thirty years.

I am a college graduate, former teacher, home builder. I have a family. I had cancer. I took a trip around the world. I built a nature retreat near the Canadian border in Minnesota. I have studied history, I have thought a lot about the world "situation". I have enjoyed the oxymoron of your show, speaking of faith. That is like "studying spirituality". True faith is silent and practiced, not spoken. I do love and appreciate your scenic overlooks of faith and spirituality. It's educational and refreshing.

The Buddhists don't speak about loving kindness or spirituality. Buddhists practice loving kindness. The crisis in all tribes, all groups, most lives, is there is no goal posts. There is no definition of when the war will end. The war becomes globalism. We will get our races all mixed together (except for my tribe of course) and then mix all the races of the world. For what? Where are the goal posts? There is a difference between colonization, invasion, and social justice. America was an escape from evil empires. Now America is the evil empire.

Groups want unlimited permanent war. Groups are excited by the Old Testament and New Testament, permanently exciting the ego. That is not what individuals want. Individuals want the feeling of being fully alive in calming the ego. Individuals want to calm the fears and desires.

What the tribes want, global domination, and what the individuals want, are not in harmony. Tribes want permanent free employees, slaves, soldiers, weapons, for the war. The individuals want to go home and play with their kids and be in love, being human beings. The human doings and human beings excite each other to keep the war going.

America has been in a crisis since 1492. Before that Europe was the crisis. Before that Iraq, Mesopotamia, was the crisis. The cure for complexity is simplicity. The cure for war is peace. The cure for crisis is going back to basics. That is what fundamentalism is trying to do. People are turning backwards, to fundamental simplicity. Society, the machines, automation, internet, television, cell phones, sports stadiums, are too complex to operate.

I have my off the grid nature retreat on a wilderness lake. I visit with no electricity, using wood heat, propane lights, an outhouse, and experience wilderness basics. I love it. I can not solve the world's problems. I can, but they will crucify me when I suggest the cures. I am simplifying my life. I am not participating is solving the problems of the world because the groups want wars and want problems. The race gender quota people want permanent invisible goal posts to sustain permanent race gender wars. I don't want that. The people of Israel want to be persecuted and engage in behaviors that insure and guarantee their persecution. I don't want that.

The wisdom I am looking for is to have less currency debasement, less income taxes, less public debt, less government meddling, and less dead beat subsidies for racists and terrorists in the Middle East who want to provoke wars for profits. I want less government. I want government to stop selling my children into debt slavery. A ten trillion dollar public debt is a financial crime against humanity. Subsidizing the guys who imploded our economy in New York City is criminal. They should be jailed, not bailed out. Do you think Bernie Madoff will stay in New York City or flee to Israel? He will flee. How can I protect myself and my children from unlimited government and investment corruption? How can an economy have faith in fake paper money that always destroys the lives of people who use it?

I find all my wisdom in nature. I find NO wisdom in groups. What do groups promote? Social injustice? Yes. Pensions? Yes. War? Yes. Groups hate and despise wisdom, gold money, and freedom. Groups are shepherds that want to fleece, milk, and devour all the world.

Religions are corrupted because they are used by groups to support the automated mechanized slaughter of human beings in the name of Yahweh, Jesus, and Allah. Spirituality comes from wilderness and nature. Religion comes from armies and governments. When the Roman Empire could not defeat Christianity it adopted it after a three hundred year war. Religions are used and abused by groups to invade, kill, steal, and lie about it.

Obama is not Jesus the Christ or Buddha. Obama is a government bureaucrat, just like Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, all from East Coast ivy league schools.

All government employees and politicians agree on invading, killing, stealing, and lying about it. What they disagree and argue about is where to invade, who to kill, how to kill them, what to steal, how much to steal, who to steal from, what lies to tell, and who gets the loot. The war in Iraq is a shameful culmination of unlimited fears and desires. We need a financial collapse to wipe out the currency elite and replace them with people who are more frugal and less fixated on taking over the world and forcing our way on all people. We need to go back to the basics like our elders suggest we do.

Colonialism, globalism, our "way of life" forced on all people. Nothing has changed in 2,000 years. I have simply given up. Why sanction the evil doers with voting. Obama will change nothing. The system will change Obama. Obama will change nothing. We don't need to change drivers. We have a car problem, not a driver problem.

There are four sources of permanent social injustice in our culture. Unlimited currency debasement (printing fake money and fake credit), unlimited income taxes with declining benefits, unlimited public debt to cross fund all budgets, and unlimited, unconditional subsidies to Israel are our four sources of permanent social injustice. Until these four change, from collapse, depression, hyper inflation, or voting, nothing will change.

By the way, I bought a bicycle, quit the YMCA, cook simpler foods, but I am still living way beyond my means. It's shameful but that's life in America.

I would like to see Bush, Cheney, and their ilk tried for war crimes, spend 24 hours in jail, and pay a fine of one dollar. They would both feel better about that and so would I. They are directly responsible, along with about fifty others, for the tragic failure of leadership and mess we are in. Congress is also implicit for lack of over sight. Americans are such spineless chumps, particularly the spoiled baby boomers. Neither Clinton (Monica Lewinsky) or Bush (Iraq) were up to the task of being presidential. Both are evil liars. It's all good. We need a crisis to harden the country back up again.

You don't find a miracle, you life one. Protect yourself. No one else can or will. The harder and smarter you work the luckier you will get. Good luck to us all. We are going to need it.

Jack Goldman
St. Paul, MN