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This economic situation is both a moral and spiritual crisis. But that is what is necessary for change to occur. And we certainly need change. There are many dilemmas facing our society at this time: financial devastation, health care accessibility, child neglect and abuse, corruption in the educational system, accessibility of mental health services, student loan and credit card debt, housing affordability, breakdown of the family by geographical distance, deinstitutionalization of psychiatric patients, etc. Personally, I am beginning to feel that finally I am not alone in my surrefing. Since 2001, my divorce left me financially and emotionally devastated and a single parent. In my distress, I felt alone and hopeless for a long time. Somehow, I didn't give up. My children were depending on me. It was up to me to find a way to survive. So this meek, shy, and unaggressive individual became a fighter. In my mind, I decided that my children were going to have the opportunity they deserved to be educated adults. I was determined to make a college education available to them any way that I could. And I have done that thanks to student loans and financial aid. I have some concern for my children's distress in the process of paying back the loans when they graduate, but I do not regret my choice to encourage them to incur such debt. Whatever the future holds, they will be better equipped to handle it with the advanced education. I doubt that my financial situation will ever recover in my lifetime. As a single woman with a B.S. degree, I currently earn $14.50/hour. My credit is poor. My physical health is limiting my ability to excel and increase my income. My hope and faith is in my children and myself to keep on keeping on. And now my hope is restored in the government with our new president who appears to be sincere and dedicated to improving life for suffering Americans.