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I view the financial crisis as a cultural/global symptom of the much larger problem of a genuine spiritual or moral vacuum within the larger culture/human family. To the extent that I was or am a part of that culture I have endeavored to individuate myself and through prayer,reading from the KJV Bible, and by attending "Church" services I have begun interacting with a manageable number of people who regularly populate that same culture. Hopefully, bringing the extent of my more "mature" understanding of spirituality or perhaps more appropriately its lack to those same people. I know that much of the discord within the human family is the result of people rushing. Rushing to even appear grown up, rushing to assume the mantle of maturity(often represented as being synonomous with the acquistion of material possessions). Rushing into relationships and careers without taking stock of themselves and the gifts they possess at any one time within their lives, so as to live those lives in purposeful and fulfilling ways. One of the major ways that I differ from many is that I have actually taken the time to stop-out of the culture to do this kind of self-examination. May I also say that this is not a one time event. This kind of introspection must occur througout life as we change.