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As long as political and/or economic systems stand between a human and her/his right to shelter,energy,food,water, and air the "crisis" will not abate. We must invoke these necessities for ourselves and we must show and help as many others as we can to have the same. We must realize that the world is one body much like the human body. If the people on one small elite part of the planet are happy and well cared for, they will be very comfortable until the rest of the planet dies. The whole planet must be equally cared for to avoid specific damage that will ultimately affect the whole body. We cannot wait for or rely on politics or economics to do it for us, we must act now.
I live in a yome(cross between a yurt and geodesic dome) with my family in a friends backyard. We do work trade in exchange for the space and small amount of electricity. We as a family of four use 7 gallons of water a day not including laundrymat and showers at the YMCA. We have a compost toilet. We are saving for land and paying off debt. We are going to build our home out of cob using the earthship(look it up) concept. This concept requires no energy input to stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Sometimes it seems like we will never reach our goals. I keep saying over and over to myself, "the master accomplishes the great, by a series of small task" lao tzu.