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I think we've confused the "bottom line"--thinking it is money or "growth," possessions, "entertainment." The little "sustainable" community I grew up in kept going by knowing how much was "enough" respected that measure and there were no mega-rich living next door to homeless. Folks just tried to have enough, and any more was considered "gravy" to be shared with others.

My spiritual resources are varied and many. Right now I'm reading Satish Kumar who was a Jain Monk for part of his life. His belief is that homo sapiens are not the center of the universe. We have to get along with each other, critters, the earth herself. We have not been living like that for a long time and sadly much of the world has envied us and fashioned their lives after us.

I've pretty much stopped buying things I don't need. My radio is on its last legs and before I would have just trashed it and bought another cheap one at K-Mart. Now, I'm holding on to it. Sure, I have to hold onto the little antanea sometimes to get reception or move it around the room or just go without. I don't feel like I'm being deprived. I feel like I'm honoring the folks in that small town. My roots are producing a strange and wonderful fruit.

I think I might be a sort of leader right now. Living more simply.
Trying to determine for myself what the real sustainable and wholesome bottom lines are. Overcoming any "covenenting" of other people who still get a lot of stuff. Seeing clearly that that lifestyle, which is all it is, is not helpful. Just keep trying, seeing clearly. Leading myself onward through the fog!