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I guess I am finding all of this talk about virtue and morals a bit arrogant and maybe middle and upper middle class of us. Our concentration on our loses and how they are affecting us. Funny what I am seeing is lots of anger out there. Driving, people are driving so crazy and without concern to others. I think those who did not have are now feeling anger in that there is now money for the middle class to recover when there was not money for the poor ever. Here we are worried about ourselves, me included. So what am I doing. Trying to work a bit more. Not looking at my portfolio I still have one, I think? Knowing that I will be okay I have lived more simple anyway. Back to rice and pasta away from Boca Burger and the such. Working with my kids on more simplicity for ourselves and others. This has not been easy. Letting go of cable and the land line. Spending more time with friends and taking walks and talking more honestly about money and how to live. I no longer charge a fee for my yoga classes but it is by donation so all can come. My belief is people leave from nothing to $20.00 it all works out. I do not teach yoga for money I do other things for that.
Leadership I am looking for is one who will not cave into big corporations and continue with the gluttony of capitalism. One who will not bail out companies that are unwilling to change. Big cars have been a thing of the past for years. Time to make something that works for a new country of people. Time to work on wind energy and solar energy. Start at the White House! Time to stop the wars. It has been a big part of our economy for decades. We kill others so we can live better. Mr. Obama has some of what I am looking for he has to be brave and not cave in. There is great hope for leadership that will bring us closer to a new world and new way of life. Work with people on letting go of the fear. We will be better then we were if we can just let go of what was and prayer for a future that will truly benefit all on this planet. The new Global world is a new challenge and we can meet it but in a new paradigm that has yet to unfold. We need to allow it to unfold.
Thank you for reading this and allowing me to vent and say some of what has been on my mind now for a couple of years. And more since October of 2008. Blessing! May Peace Prevail on Earth, Dove