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Our capitalist culture is in a moral crisis because the limited resources of this planet cannot sustain the demands of the growing populations. The Iraq war was immoral and pointed out our inability to militarily exploit third world nations for their resources and maintain our consumption levels at home. China and India's exploding materialistic populations have exposed the Western nation's wasteful and exploitive economic lifestyles. We can either go to war and bomb each other into the stone age or address the main flaw in capitalism, "the Tragedy of the Commons". The collective 'economically rational' behavior of exponentially growing populations will lead to a collapse of the commonwealth. Any solution to this global crisis will require discipline, whether by the individual or by governments. We must all become scientists and economists. Reason and rationality must prevail over faith and belief. We know the physical limitations of our planet and the consequences of not following the laws of nature. Wishing these truths away is paramount to insanity.
Our family is not changing its behavior except to do what we have been doing more so. We live close to the land in a rural area of the midwest. We do not see immoral behavior in our community. We see rational behavior that doesn't make sense when everyone does the same thing on a collective level. Our government is immoral when it does not provide the leadership we need in this global crisis. We think that Obama is trying to correct the course of a ship that may already be up on the rocks. That's the problem, we may have already passed the Malthusean tipping point and Nature will take over in rebalancing the ecosystem. And God help us when Nature takes over. " Hell hath know fury like a Woman Scorned."
On a personal note I find "Speaking of Faith" somewhat naive and simplistic in a world where 90% of the population can barely feed the adults or provide shelter for chlidren. I would like to see more of your interviews with government officials in those countries where our future already exists. Go to China, India, Indonesia, Somalia, Pakistan, and find the scientists, economists, mathematicians, and policy planners and ask them what the Truth is. The West is not reality, our thinkers have luxuries that only the richest of the Third World can dream of, interview the real world. And throw away the Bible, Koran, etc, and reelevate Reason to its proper place as the basis for solving our collective moral and spiritual problems.