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Hi, Krista! I listen quite regularly, and like the variety of topics you explore. On the economic downturn: I noticed some weeks ago that on my days off (when I don't set the alarm), I was waking up with frightening dream images fairly often. I would be outdoors, usually with other people and doing something perfectly ordinary, like setting up a picnic. Then I'd look around at where we were, and we'd be maybe 50 feet from the edge of a cliff and hundreds of feet up! I'd wake up a bit frightened; I don't like heights. A few times, I've dreamed of standing on a cloud, looking down and wondering how I'd ever make it back safely to the ground.
I've spent some time with these dreams, and in my own mental/emotional language I seem to be sending myself messages of insecurity. Since I'm not in financial trouble, it may be that I'm paying too much attention to the bad news these days. It's hard to hear all the news and still reassure my subconscious that I'm doing okay, if I'm on a long-term personal spending freeze and not talking to others about this stuff. I don't have what most people would consider a lot, but I call it "prosperity on a shoestring." I've noticed, too, that talking about my situation and the ways I've learned to live on less for most of my life can make a difference in how often I have dreams that speak of insecurity, and the responses I get are warm exchanges that speak of our common problems and practical ways of dealing with them. I think it just helps to share more about our lives.
I talked to my daughter this evening (she & her family live out of state) and we talked of Unity Church and the wonderful Giveaway event that was held annually in Grand Rapids in the 1980s. She was going to ask her pastor if such an idea would fly in her area now. She's also suggested a church-wide occasional potluck, which would bring people from 3 services into contact. I love these ideas for bringing people into closer contact and community; I'll be eager for the updates.
Thank you for your show. I'll be listening for more insights.