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Daylight Savings Poem

These are the days we were warned of
When our jobs and self-worth face the knife,
Foreclosure knocks for the neighbor next door;
There is caution and worry at night.

On great times self-reliance
Is bought by you and me;
Ego obscures the Vision
Of Everything we see.

Hard time will cause Man to pause,
He fails or reaches out;
The helping hand that touches pain
Is what this Life's about.

Make no mistake, you were given a break
As far back as the womb;
The dash in the dates on your headstone
Represents time between birth and tomb.

Love and Compassion are free for the taking,
Restoring self-worth just when I think I'm breaking;
Myth is illusion, Only Love counts.
These convictions are formed as the evidence mounts.

Blessing are gifts that one does not deserve;
They are lost when I think they're my right.
I no more bring up the Sun in the morning
Than I cast out the shadows of night.

Hard times will level a fellow,
Ladies give heed to this, too;
Nothing but Love and Compassion
Saves me or satisfies you.

F.Greg Wright
5:55 a.m.
Falls Church, Va.