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For the last eighteen years my husband and I have worked to raise my daughter in, what we have hoped to be, a holistic way. She learned her academics, strengthened her body and began her own spiritual path. When she applied to college last year, she choose a college that met her needs in a holistic way. This should not have been surprising given her past upbringing, but strictly academic schools or schools that emphasized athletics did not ring true in her search. She selected a school that has a spiritual grounding steeped in a tradition of community service and social action,with high academic standard and very competitive sports teams.

After 18 years of schooling my child full time, I turned to re-enter the work place as a professional fund raiser. The timing of my re-entry could not have been worse. What had been a large field of fund raising positions disappeared over night. Giving went the way of the market and yet demands of non-profits services that depended upon these gifts increased.

I had a choice to look for work that I would perform for the sole purpose to bring home a paycheck or to try to remain in the fund raising field to help non profits find their way through the mine fields of this depression/economic "reset". My search for a job, like my daughter's search for a college,needed to have a holistic dimension. Our souls need to be fed by our jobs, as well as our bodies, especially in this difficult economic climate.

I am in the process of opening up a fund raising consulting business that uses tools such as eBay and social e-networks that can help nonprofits through this economic storm. I am hoping this fund raising "reset" will help non profits enter the future economy ready to serve in a new way.