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Please see the attached and feel free to use any of it in your broadcast. I am an emotional intelligence practitioner (some say I am the pioneer). I have always felt like emotion is the way the divine speaks to us and am passionate about "making the world safe for emotion". As you will see in the quotes and the narrative in the attached eBook, my instincts tell me that this is the time that Charles Darwin predicted, "When the human species has learned to harness the power of emotion, we will be ready to take the next evolutionary step". Personally, what has happened to the economy has been devastating to my life both personally and professionally. However, after a day or two of shock last fall I reminded myself that I knew why I was feeling as I did, and I felt morally compelled to share that information. So I sat down and started writing the attached. What you will find is still a draft and I think that parts of it could be meaningful to your listeners. Please take what you want from it; I do not require citation or other recognition. However, if you have any suggestions for improvement I would welcome them.

Thanks for all the good work you do!

Kate Cannon

p.s. I would answer the last question, "who will we be for each other?" with the response, "whole".