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Hello Peoples!! I love technology when it allows us to use our potential to Jump Spiritual Obstacles in a single bound!
It may be premature, but the economic, health care, climate, equality and other events have produced that "perfect storm" that may test the human condition and force us to live together or perish. The poems I shall try to send are original and a product of my journey through abuse as a child, rebellion and the resulting consequences, depression, addiction, recovery as well as the psychic transformation that has occurred as a result of this journey/path. I have practiced solitude and introspective writing and early morning reading since I entered a 12 Step program ten years ago. I have had near-death as well as "spiritual experiences" (I lived on a farm on the eastern shore of Maryland that had a rich history of Indian as well as the underground railroad during slavery which tended to make camping on the shoreline an experience to remember.) I have been blessed to be able to write and do public readings of my poetry in the Northern Virginia area and enjoy doing private readings over tea or coffee. The 300-plus pieces I have written over the last ten years have coalesced into a record of what I have determined to be akin to channeled writing. They are a product of the reading and meditation that I have pursued in the quiet hours between 3 and 6 a.m. I shall now try to send a sample! Wish me luck! I can be reached at 703-217-7253 Bye, Bye! F.Greg Wright Falls Church, Va. 22042