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I view this economic moment as an opportunity for growth. I like to think of this country as being very young and this period as a growth spurt we are having. In broad terms, as humans, we are growing into adults - right now we are young and learning lessons so that we might grow and develop into full spiritual beings who recognize we are all connected.

Last summer, my wife and I (we are one of the 18,000 same-sex couples who got married in CA and are waiting in limbo for the courts to decide the status of our marriage) discovered a passion for RV traveling. We decided that we wanted to buy our own motor home, and then the economy turned. We kept hearing reports of people not spending and even rich people being embarrassed and cutting spending. We choose not to live inside this story of fear. In January 2009, we paid cash for a new motor home. We are now traveling with our dog and loving the experience. We get to enjoy the beauty of this country. We spend money at local businesses on fuel, groceries, meals and souvenirs. The best part of our travel - the part that got us hooked in the first place - is connecting with people. We share our travel stories, help each other with concerns about our vehicles, trade tips on what to see and road conditions along the way. Our favorite part is connecting with strangers. It's not so much what we say; it's the feeling of being related and connected to each other.