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» Are you experiencing this economic moment as a moral or spiritual crisis as well?

Contrarily I am experiencing this economic moment as the most spiritually lucid time of my life. In fact, I am just now emerging from a period of financial, emotional and physical wreckage that was caused by moral and spiritual crisis. I’m emerging strongly at this point but I’m starting over in the arenas of my life where I finally have regained some of what I’d lost: a well suited career position, a car of my own, advanced stages of fitness for my personal benchmarks and a better sense of understanding to name just a few. It was an unsolicited bout of spirituality that lured me in a direction that I, as I got stronger, began to run towards. I’ll pause here to make the important distinction between spirituality and religion. I’m more of a student than a parishioner. Raised Roman Catholic in typical Sunday school fashion, at age of 39 I am not a religious man. But spirituality is a powerful and constant presence for me, suddenly. So I pause often to help bear the load of this sort of encroaching awareness. It can be overwhelming at times. It has been for me. I share the experience with few others. For me it took time and effort to embrace so I hold it pretty closely, maybe guarding it a bit.

So you might understand that from my vantage point I best see the economic downturn as a leveling of the playing field. I lost everything two years ago by way of divorce and substance abuse. Now that my introspective, strategic and diligent work is producing positive results I can stoically observe the turn of events and react accordingly. I’m over the pain everyone is going through right now and I’m much stronger for it. I have very strong foundations to rebuild upon and I sincerely believe that these assets place me in a position of advantage over others now reeling from the pain of loss.

» What qualities of human nature do you want to cultivate in yourself or your children?

I am a father of a beautiful six year boy named Eric whom I share joint custody of with my ex-wife. This arrangement provides me full time with my son two up to sometimes four days each week. The quality of fatherhood is one that I cultivate and maintain in myself throughout my struggle and is an immeasurable force in my recovery that is anchored in spirituality.
I recently did an hour guest spot in his kindergarten class where I wove a tale of gifts bestowed by true sincerity. (All based upon a true NY experience that Eric and I had when a series of cool little events and coincidences led up to meeting Dave Grohl and family at the playground in Madison Square Park. Eric and I had been listening to the Foo Fighters earlier that day as we got ready to head in to the city.) I had one of the gifts from the greatness of that day, a set of children’s bongos, in my hand and I displayed them as I riffed this story show and tell style. That day I shared with the entire class, all my little friends who let me take my shoes off to get comfortable, the quality I most cultivate in my son: Sincerity.