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Yes, I see this as a moral crisis. The financial piece is huge, but as a teacher who preaches, "work hard, do your best and you will succeed," my world has done a 180. . What do we say to our children who see their parents laid off. Parents who have worked hard, been honest, done their best. What do we say to children who ask, "Why should I work hard? Look what happened to my dad.

This financial crisis has changed my view of the world, and now I need a new message, and I'm not sure what it will be.

And to make matters worse, this is my generation that did this. My generation, the old hippies of Woodstock, the peace generation whose presidents were Clinton and Bush, and who's business leaders have cheated the world for their own gain, no matter the cost to others.

Right now it's the cheaters who are winning. . .

But then, look at the history of the world, there have been worse situations, crueler tyrants and bigger tragedies. We will pull through this, but I believe the world order will be altered. Great civilizations have come and gone. Now we need to make it a great world civilization. We are all in this together.