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greeting ms tippet no, i am not seeing this economic downturn as a spiritual or moral bankruptcy in my life. i have a strong belief system that gets me through the tough parts in life. but i can see that in some people it is effecting them in adverse ways, such as stress, worry, etc. if you have a strong basic concept of beliefs in God, faith, spirituality , you should not have to alter your core values for the changes in life that will eventually come to you. well, looking at the news in print form or online, their would not be many people i would want my children to emulate. that said my wife and i have tried to instill the values of Jesus`s second command, that is to help others. you have to do this by leading in small ways, such as helping out at church carnivals,by cleaning tables, cooking and the like. teaching religion, working at their school affairs. teach by example, not by sitting in front of the television. taking a positive note, i think that we as a people will be around for the other person. some of us know an acquaintance who is a self professed atheist or agnostic, but this person will still have a strong desire to help the down and out person they meet. it takes all kinds but we as a people will help each of us get over this hurdle in our way. thanks