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1. Let me start by saying this; Crisis is defined by Webster as:
a turning point, as in a sequence of events, for better or for
Having said this I must admit that it has most definitely affected
my spiritual/moral center in a most positive way! I cannot
remember a time when I have been more blessed. Living the American
dream for me, you know, having 'stuff', was fun until I realized
that what I had been wanting all along was to truly know myself.
My God self. My true self. This economic downturn has shown me in
a physical way that wanting and having in a physical way is surely
temporary. Only when we want and have what is within ourselves can
we know peace.

2. We have consistently been faced with those times when we can step
up and help another. In today's world, we can sometimes be
overwhelmed with them. Listen to intuition, let it guide you. You
will know what to do or say to that someone who needs what only
you can offer. Opportunity is knocking folks!

3. All of them! We would be sub-human otherwise! Think about it..

4. Exactly what we are supposed to be. How many times has a situation
come up with another person where you are thinking, "Man, what a
jerk" only to realize later that what happened between you
actually made a huge difference to you or them or both!