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I am an aging single female, dependent on a pension and Social Security. I am lucky to have both; I fear for both. I live in a facility for the elderly which is a primary community for me. I think we have more than one. Several here have suffered losses great enough so they must leave, and finding places they can afford is proving difficult. At least one goes to live with a relative as a dependent. A relative of mine is seeking a place to live. If I have information that might help, I try to share it. Otherwise I try to listen.

The voices of the 5/17/09 program are asking the same questions and finding some of the same answers I found years ago when I had breast cancer. That experience changed my life and became defined as a gift. That was 14 years ago.

My current immediate crisis is again one of health, although that links heavily with the economic. I find I am again asking basic questions: Who am I? What can I do to be of value and to feel of value? How can I be of service? How can I better express love and compassion? What is mine to do?

Those voices on the program reinforced my belief in cycles. I feel a new sense of urgency now, however. Partly this is my age; partly, my perspective on the planet. If this life is like attending school, I want to graduate. I hope the planet and others on it can and will as well.