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This economic moment can't be separated from the spiritual moment. Life is a spiritual journey. Every choice we make, economic or otherwise, creates the reality we live in. We the, individual person, is the creator of what we call our reality.
The point I would like to make is that we as a whole are looking at this moment from a perspective that can only make the human condition harder for everyone. First, I would point out that government is not the solution to this problem, its the cause. Wall Street and Washington in bed together etc., Almost everyone would agree that this is the equation.
President Obama said that the most important thing is to fix the banking, economic system (capitalism), I respectfully disagree, the most important thing is the human condition, and our planet. Even one individual is more important than all the money in the world. And we as a tribe daily sacrifice individuals for the greater good of the economy.
All of the so call problems of the human race are based on one factor that no one will address, human population: Until we address this issue we will continue to pollute, destroy, and suffer from its consequences. We just need a human-planet equation that works for both. And we don't need to send people off to the gas chambers or kill anyone to create this balance.
Government, money, the economic system, are not natural phenomena, they are created and controlled by people. And those people that control these situations could create any outcome they desire. The question becomes, why do they (we) desire this particular outcome?
If we as individuals would focus on growing food, self-sufficiency, and taking responsibility for giving our power away, and taking responsibility for what we have created, we will be on our way to creating another reality.
We as a species have the technological ability to make this world into a garden of Eden, if we choose, or we can continue to create the hell we have created in certain places.
The choice is in the moment and is ours.
Thank you