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Hi Everyone,

I am Sudheer from India and just wanted to share my thoughts and feeling towards the recent economic crisis which has affected worldwide. We actually see the aftermath in every country possible. As there is this wide chunk of people whom I refer as "workaholic"....infact I too fall in this category are the ones who usually suffer the most during these situations. The problems they face are dangerous- family, loss of work/employment, despair, financial commitments.... struggle to make the 2 ends meet is very much required.

To over come such stress and strain, we need to focus our thoughts towards positive thoughts. let us take this opportunity to unwind, relax, spend time with family and discuss on future. Its time to end our greed and help one another and come up the crisis situation. Its time to turn to God and seek his help and blessings. Let us pray to get strength o overcome this hurdle together. Its time to work together and support our families and friends. Let us keep our ego aside and work for people welfare. Use the present resources and help people in need for basic resources. Its really important that people dont hurt anyone and focus building strong relationships.

God..Give us strength to spread love and support one another, give us the confidence and help us work towards building a better greener society...