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By dint of many years of much suffering, sacrifice, risk, loss, and exertion to defend and uphold my profession of engineering, its code of ethics, and the public health and safety as licensed professional engineer (PE), employed by US Department of Energy as a nuclear safety engineer, I have become a well-known and influential member of mankind largest and most global profession of engineering (one can google my name for details). My profession's 20 million degreed members worldwide collectively hold civilization and much of the natural environment in their hands.

There is no organized Christian influence in my profession and never has been one - not in its modern form from around 1850. This is not without consequences - my profession enables much institutional evil in the world and inhibits much common good.

"Love of money is the root of all evil" is the best explanation - Christian members of my profession are reluctant to "rock boats" in the profession because of fear of professional/economic retribution. This kind of personal "look the other way," no "boat rocking" type of evil is necessary for instititional evil to take root.

Christian religious professionals take no exceptions for the lack of an organized Christian influence in my profession, also out of fear of professional/economic retribution if they "rock boats" about the failure of Christian engineers to "rock boats" in their profession. Neither do they criticize institutional lawbreaking when established by rule of law in situations as mine, sending a clear message to concerned professional employees - you are on your own with your concerns.

I see this fear of "boat rocking" in secular professions playing out in SOF and its "Reinventing Virtue" series - the economic meltdown is not an act of God, it was manmade and resulted, in essential part, from the lack of an organized Christian influence in financial professions - and the lack of Christian religious professionals taking exception to its absence. SOF takes no exception to either - not the lack of an organized Christian influence in mankind's secular professions nor the lack of concern expressed by Christian religious professionals to it.