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I have been blessed with an amazing recovery from a serious mental illness. While so many others have been forced into a crisis of the soul because of the economic downturn, I have experienced over two decades to discover, recover and renew every aspect of my life.

My downturn began in 1981 when I was hospitalized after the birth of my baby at the age of 25 due to a clinical depression that subsequently “grew” into a serious psychotic disorder. With over 30 hospitalizations in mental hospitals from Dallas to Austin, I lost days, months, years, decades to a broken brain that kept me from functioning in the “real world”.

To make a very long story short, let me share that the blessings from my illness come from the forced opportunities to discover the authentic Diana Kern.

For so long, I was hidden inside a delusion that kept me disconnected from the world; disenfranchised like thousands of others who experience the terrifying symptoms of schizophrenia and similar brain disorders.

Now for the last ten years, I have enjoyed a life that I always wanted and a life that God and my community helped me to discover and enjoy.

Very early on in my adulthood, I learned that my success did not depend on my financial state or even in my place in the world. Rather, my fortune existed within when I discovered community, understanding, self-confidence and responsibility.

It is not only the right medications that keep me mentally healthy; it is the deep knowing that indeed we are all one.

My mission is to connect with others who aren’t as blessed as I am. I want to reach through their delusions and offer them the space to just “be”.