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Like most respondents, I'm thoroughly convinced that the present moment has deep spiritual roots. But I want to push back a bit on the notion that we're presently in crisis.

I think the spiritual crisis happened some time ago; we are now in the inevitable denouement. If I can compare these economic times to an avalanche: the crisis happens at the top of the mountain, when a cornice of snow collapses. The snow tumbles down the hill, gathering mass and momentum. Eventually, it reaches the valley, destroying buildings and lives. We are now, metaphorically, digging people out of the wreckage, bracing up tumbled walls, applying first aid, and mourning our losses. These are all good things, the necessary steps for this moment, but when the immediate has been dealt with, we should also devote some thought to preventing a the next crisis, and here it will be necessary to recall the cornices.

So, when did it start?

A lot of analysts have pointed to deregulation over the last ten years or so, which I'm sure has been a factor. But I think Paul Zak is closer to the mark, pointing to a loss of awareness of the humanity behind our abstractions.