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Speaking of faith in these hard economic times.
to me is the most natural thing to do. Living
here in the Now remains our greatest defense
against hardships and difficulties.It had been
said that when times are good we might aspire
to emulate the buddhist, but when times are
hard we become Taoist. But can we really have
it both ways? The Tao te Ching is a book that
means many things to different people, yet it
is essentially unchanging and timeless. It is
the point of daily practice in the Way that
makes all of the difference. In these hard
economic we times we aspire to be Taoist but
why should this be any different in good times
or bad?

Natural Time

Here are a few old poems and a few new, most
tend to have a bitting edge. Not for everyone.

"It is, unfortunately, only too clear that if the
individual is not truly regenerated in spirit,
society cannot be either, for society is the
sum total of individuals in need of redemption."
-C.G. Jung

This Burden

I did not ask for this burden
when one becomes two
In a moment
everything changes
that is when a teacher is needed
- chop wood carry water -
this is only the beginning
As the old Shaman will tell his
'I am sorry that you have become
Now get back to work'
Waking up is nothing
living it free and undetected
in a world without vision
that is the challenge
How do you speak a laungage
that has no words?

In The Dark

We can live in the dark
without a spark
And call this the light
We can live all our life
In obediance to ignorance
and call this divine
We can worship our own
intelligence and believe
that what we achieve
is worth the price
Who is at the helm?
We are a nation of fools
In a world spun out of control
In our bid for power
Without honor or humility
there is no impeccability
We neglect the totality
of the Self

Inside Out

If we are constant within change
like the Sun which remains
bright even in secret at night
not only upon it's rising
then contentment is supreme
without the weeds of desire
clogging the portal of awareness
Blind allegiance selfish and uncaring
will never rise up to the heights
Gradual development is the surest way
where as prompt delivery
gained in haste is soon wasted
If you know the firing process
for the gold elixer of illumination
then you have the quality of humilty
with great power in virtue
This is the Spirit of Tao
not detached but engaged on principle



All fear is death
make peace
the spirit
will not give up
the fight
step aside
one clear moment
there is no blame
plumb the depth
of your being
think outside
the box
let go
the identity
of opposites


And any last brave words
In the face of death
It is a good day to die
We have the capacity not
To think about
Those things we find
Fearful like our
Own Mortality
Let alone that of others
Stand up
There is no dress rehearsal
Live fully in the moment
Future and past have no presence

The Agreement

The Policy
of hate
and control
polarize factions
destroy obfuscate
Stop the mystic mind
before it can multiply
what isn't us
must be them
kill all heretics
recognize the danger
don't invite it in
be silent
don't disrupt the apple cart
make waves and
pay the consequence
remain myopic and all is well
don't distrub dead religion
fear is the cause
of all consequence
open the portals of clarity
bless our petty tyrants

Beneath Obstruction
Nov. 08, 2003

they felt they were justifed
in burning me at the stake
going through the fire
getting to the other side
being celibate all those years
not knowing what this might bring
I had become enlightened
soon to be crucified
beneath obstruction
Carl Jung did say
it is "a moment of deadliest peril!"
"this immortal" capacity
we have within
it is in the voice of sages
silent as thunder
discredit me
rob me of my good name
I can see the image you would create
a lie built upon obstruction

"When the fundamental is established.
the path develops."

"Once you recover your potential, it is like
it was always there..."

Taoist I Ching

Restore and rouse your vital spirit
nurture the virtue of natural reality
Return feelings to essential nature
Acting in the dragon's pool
enter the lair looking for the tiger
crossing great rivers beneficially
is not empty tranquility without action
working in the midst of great danger
and difficulty knowing when to act
return to the essence of real knowledge

The Mind of Tao

To active the Mind of Tao
dissolve the human Mind
Day by day
Mundane energy wanes
Celestial Energy grows
Ture Mind
Building the foundation
There is White within Black
Male within Female
One must use the Bellows
Requires the True Lead
The Four Signs combine
The Five Elements
Are One Energy
The Three Treasures
Return to One
At the Edge of the Universe
Yin and Yang Merge
Unified Energy
Absolutely Open Nothingness
The State before Birth
Clear and Free
Round and bright
Unfixed to Form or Void
The Gold Elixir Burns
With Illumination
At the Heart
Of Heaven and Earth

The Tao flows through all things
and returns to the origin of all things
Serene, empty, solitary, unchanging,
infinite, eternally present ~ mother
of the unverse - something formless
and perfect before the universe
was born... it you can accept the world
as it is the Tao will never leave you

Tao Te Ching

By nurturing the small to lofty greatness
keeping centered and embracing unity
taking charge of the pivoltal mechanism
to cultivate spiritual virtues, fulfill nature
and reach the meaning of life...

Interesting Jung's use of the word redemption
in the context of social survival not only of the
individual, but as this metamorphosis affects
the macrocosm in particular.

Turn around operate in reverse, away
from progressive conditioning, back
to the original integrity of the real mind
As long as a breath of living potential
remains there is hope for the way ahead
Where there is trust mutual progress
is assured earthly vitality is transformed
true vitaltity is born open awareness unobscured

"The energy of harmony of essence and feeling in people
is the yang fire; this is the real. The restlessness of acquired
energy in people is the yin fire; this is the false."

I Ching


Original flawless undamaged
pattern of nature...
nothing is more important
than accord with
the basis of true reality
Refining away acquired yin
is the work of refining the self
if you wish to conquer feeling
first conquer essence...
when stillnes is complete
then action goes into motion
utter emptiness beckons fulfillment
"if you give little and withhold much,
the spirits and immortals will not come"

"If you do not refine the mind thoroughly, the true yin
within yourself will not become manifest; if you do not
become thoroughly empty and quiet, the external
true yang will not come."

The Taoist I Ching

My friends tell me I should write from the heart
all this technical spiritual science is all well
and good from the safty of some ivory tower
but the real risk is in the living practice in action
And here lately new avenues have opened up
even though this is far from finished, this higher
calling as it were, it now feels ok to let up just a
little, long enough to be an artist that other part
of the creative nature... and yet i don't write nearly
half as much as I feel compelled to and a day
missed is a day lost in time forever...

Natural Time

All that we know can not be spoken in words,
words without appropriate action are
meaningless; reaching into eternity is as
simple as turning over the palm of your hand
step into the now and all things are understood
sustaining the 'now' takes practice, to often
we give up along the way, slack off on our efforts
forgetting the truth that is just before us...

Refining the self with dignity
Acting with unfailing clarity
once the earthly and celestial
are completed in consumation
use the path of nonstriving
to preserve completion and balance

Having your own epiphany only
marks the beginning of learning

"When illumination returns to the center,
and you show your own lack and respect
what others have, even if you are ignorant
you will gain understanding, and even if
you are weak you will become strong,
without losing your basic flexibility and

"What is auspicious and leads to good results
is the ability to empty and open the mind."

The Taoist I Ching


Images from the ~ Tao Te Ching ~

He who talks, it is said, doesn't know
he who knows doesn't talk...
After all once we are cleansed
of our personal history, once
the past falls into proper perspective
What more is there to say?
How many more books need be read
at the point of nonstriving spontaneity?

We simply learn in a different manner
once the search has ended... once there
is no more need for seeking if we do not
understand the necessity for hidden
practice all that has been gained will be
set to ruin against the mundane...

If you realize that all things change
there is nothing you will hold on to
If you aren't affraid of dying
there is nothing you cann't achieve
teach without a teaching
act without doing
arrive without being summoned
heal yourself of all knowing
without opeing your door
you can open your heart
to the world...
seeing into darkness is clarity
knowing how to yield is strength
if your want to take something
you must first allow it be given
if you want to shrink something
you must first allow it to expand
this is the subtal percepception
of the way things are
return to the source of light
practicing eternity...
these teachings are older
than the world how could
we grasp their meaning?


the subtle perception of the way things are
less and less do you need to force things
until finally you arrive at nonaction
when nothing is done - nothing is left undone

it is possible to arrive without
understanding the process
many paths will do
in recapitulation...
understanding the process
however, requires mastery


The master, it is said, teaches
by weakening their ambition
and strengthening their resolve
to emtpty one's mind and
thereby filling one's core...

yet there is danger
in solitary cultivation
of tranquility...
being outwardly flexible
but inwardly firm
refining oneself
controlling the mind
ascending from lowliness
to the heights...
eliminating anger
and convetousness
entering gradually
this realm of beauty
stopping falsehood
maintaining truthfulness
clarifing the good
restoring the original
"Profoundly arriving
at self-realization,
one will rise into
the inner sanctum
of sages."

"When one is flexible and balanced, keeping to
one's lot calmly and constantly, without thought
or effort, sincere and singleminded, this can
be called constancy in this one virtue. However,
fidelity to this single-mindedness is suitable
for cultivating quietude apart from society, but
it is difficult to thereby comprehend essence
and reach the destiny of life."

"So practioners of the Tao should be constant
in the right way, especially in practice of the
right path. Only then can they get somewhere
beneficially, comprehend essence and arrive
at the meaning of life, and preform the great
work in the world that is eternally unchanging."

I Ching