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According to the Tao te Ching the world is sacred
it cann't be improved and yet much like the art of
governing a large nation is similar to cooking a
small fish, We spoil it with to much poking. Living
a spiritual life in this human existence can be a
challenge even under the best of circumstances.
Freedom, liberataion, transformation, illumination
are merely concepts much like fingers pointing at
the moon, if we focus on the fingers we miss what it
means to be authentic beyond the veil of words.

Much lip service is given to living an awakened
life, cults of fancy are created out of dark rituals
unquestioned as consumers are left to fend for them-
selves amid a sea of half truths and lies. And yet
from Holly Wood Kabbalah to out right worship of so
called higher intelligence in dianetics, we are daily
bombarded with ever increasing notions of spiritual
entitlements to few of us could afford. One need
only look beneath the surface to recognize that the
source of so many popular beliefs from Scientology
to New Age are deeply rooted in the radical precepts
of western magic(k).

Yet, is it little wonder that in the void created by
established religion the disenchanted would turn to
precepts that expound the virtues of being spiritual
but not religious? We do not need a new religion
new age or otherwise, but merely a greater understand-
ing of society in relation to our human condition.


Please note that my previous submission, though written
with good intention, was offered in haste with to little
time for authenticity.