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To whom it may concern:
Hello my name is Sarah Sierra, and I would like to share my story with anyone that will listen. This economy has made it so hard for single mothers to survive. I lost my job almost 2 years ago due to layoffs. I decided to take advantage and finish my school while my boyfriend and father of my 6 year old son took care of the bills. 2 months ago he decided to leave without any notice leaving me to survive with no job and no money. I was on extended benefits with unemployment and barely made enough to cover my bills. With unemployment and child support I could only cover my bills leaving my mortgage unpaid. It has been 2 months now since he left and I am now 2 months behind on my mortgage. I have tried reaching out to the bank even before I was late and they are not working with me and are only applying all kinds of late fees making it impossible to even catch up if I wanted to. To make the whole situation even worse I get a letter in the mail that they are cutting off all extended unemployment benefits so now I am left to survive off of $562.00 a month that I receive in child support. That covers just my car and insurance note. I applied for welfare and that is still pending, I had to take my son to the ER and they informed me that I have medicaid for my son however it is shared cost and unless the bill is $1497.00 they will not pay it. My medical bills are outrageous and the only medical care I can get for my son is if i take him to the ER because he does not have insurance. I have reached out to many agencies requesting assistance and have called for weeks and weeks and no one returns my calls or they say they are too busy and for me to call back. I have no family here in Florida and when i lose my home due to foreclosure I will be left in the streets with my son. This has been the hardest Christmas ever and it is so hard to explain to my son that Santa will not be able to make it to our house this year. I have been searching for a job for about 6 months now and have not had any luck whatsoever, I have experience however no one will hire me. I have even applied at places that I am over qualified for because i am desperate, but NOTHING... I only received 1 call from tons of jobs i applied for and after the interview they went with someone else. I have always had good credit and good jobs, however with the crash of the economy it is so hard to survive especially being a single mother. i am going to lose my home and do not have enough money to pay my bills, and the WORST part of it all is that is during the holidays....I am crying out for some HELP!!!! I am at my wits end and do not know where else to turn.
Desperately Needing Help,
Sarah Sierra (30) & Anthony Sierra (6)
Thank you for taking the time to read my story