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Re: Richard Mouw I love the show. I am gay, Jewish, and extremely progressive, but thought that Richard Mouw is someone I'd like a lot as a person. His sense of humor and genuine compassion came through. Still, I wish you'd asked him on the air to summarize his theological reasoning against gay marriage, since that was referred to often. Many theological arguments defy common sense. One sees smart, decent people twisting themselves into pretzels intellectually to try to make them work. One suspects that the alternative for them is to leave their religion entirely, because a good deal of the theology doesn't really hold up to common sense, despite some true inspiration at the core of it. The Bible is full of archaic references we no longer subscribe to, such as slavery and women as chattel. When Jesus came along, he said that there were instructions in the Old Testament, such as "an eye for an eye" that he was superseding with better instruc tions ("turn the other cheek.") Until religious people understand the spirit of the Word, especially the nature of unconditional love, they are trapped in an ethical prison. In the meantime, people can use Scripture to support any opinion. Why bother? Why not just go directly to what is right? Best, Shepherd Hoodwin