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Richard Mouw asks those of us who are gay "what is it about people like me that scares you so much?"

I can answer gently but clearly. I fear being demonized. Even if they speak with gentleness, when Christians claim that God Himself rejects and reviles me, I am demonized. This sets the stage for violence. Of that I am afraid.

Richard Mouw holds a strong conviction that a lesbian relationship like mine is wrong, not just in his eyes but in God's eyes. With equal conviction, I know that my relationship is blessed by God. No one can convince me otherwise, because that is my experience. I feel God's presence in my daily life and God does not care that I'm gay.

I think that the real difference between my view and Richard Mouw's is in where we locate authority. Mr. Mouw finds his conviction in venerable ancient texts. I find my conviction by actively seeking God in the people and experiences I encounter and in my observations of how these encounters reverberate in my heart and conscience.

I don't know how to bridge a gap like this. I do appreciate that Richard Mouw is earnestly trying to do so.