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While I applaud your guest for trying to find more civil ways to discuss the issues for Christians surrounding gayness, he is not addressing the root cause--homophobia. The reason Christians get upset at being called homophobes and bigots is that those labels hit very close to home.

They have created a special class of sinner around gays. An adulterer can be elected to Congress, indeed conservative Christians have elected a man who called up prostitutes from the floor of the Senate to cheat on his wife with. How many votes would an openly gay conservative get? Liars, coveters, all kinds of ten commandments violators get a pass. They are not singled out for hate and discrimination. Gayness itself, being gay, has become the sin, instead of particular actions. If being gay were really a choice to commit an act, as Christians claim, there would be no reason for this--other than homophobia.

And I've got news for you--being gay is not a choice. Christians have no credibility when they say it is. The Bible doesn't even say it is. Christians just assume it, and of course anything they assume is backed up by God in their minds and they state it as fact.

Let's face it, the position of Christians is inconsistent in other ways also. They love to quote Leviticus at gays, but ignore the entire rest of the book. Jesus never mentioned homosexuality once, but Christians are obsessed with it and claim that the hateful and hurtful actions they take are acts of "love." The most reasonable explanation for their twisted logic is intense homophobia.

This is about more than toning down the rhetoric. We are a long way from meaningful dialog on the topic until Christians recognize that there is something a little deranged in their response to this issue versus other issues and take responsibility their own prejudice and hate.