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When Mr. Guroian was reflecting on his experience in nature he mentioned that walking beneath a canopy of trees reminded him of walking under a cathedral arch. This made me laugh as I recalled a similar statement by a friend of mine who frequents Las Vegas, mostly gambling and rarely noticing anything outside the casinos. When he finally stepped outside into the Nevada sunshine, he said "Wow, look at those beautiful clouds. It looks like they copied the ceiling in the Bellagio."

Western religions have always disappointed me in that they elevate man to such an artificial height, thereby belittling nature and science that are the true wonders of creation. The result, following millenia of abuse of our fellow humans and our environment as we have contemplated our own marvelous selves at the expense of all other earthly systems, is this sad and dying remnant of a glorious and unique planet and its millions of incredibly complex lifeforms that we are exterminating at an unprecedented rate.

Man's ego, man's edifices, our stories of miraculous birth and deities in the form of old human males, the crude tools we use to travel and communicate, may seem marvelous to us, but they are nothing compared to the wonder and complexity of nature itself.

Here's hoping that this Easter story will inspire some to take a new look at nature and help begin to turn the tide for the sake of all of us and Mother Nature herself.