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I was blessed by an Uncle, most would have called him a common man. But that he was not. Samll in stature but carrying inside one of the biggest hearts God ever gave a man. One of his blessing to me was walking together in his huge gardens. One of those casual walks brougnt a question from somewhere deep in my soul..."I said, LM, why do you plant such huge gardens?" He responded by saying, "well JR, I plant enough to get through the winter for me and Rhoda, all of the children, grand-children and also enough to share with those who either can not have a garden or can no longer plant their own".
As he spoke, he leaned on his well worn garden hoe, looked me in the eyes and from the gleem in his eyes his love of the land, his love of his fellow man, and his love of sharing with me poured into my being.
This Missouri farmer taught me more about life, love, and sharing, than I could ever put into words.
The conversation with Vigen Guroian was a "leaning on the hoe" event for me.
Thank you
George Graham