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Loved this guest and his topic was near and dear to my heart as an avid gardener and artist/physical therapist (day job). At one point in my life I was working on a masters of Liturgical Arts.

He hit upon so many themes that I feel at this time of year: creative renewal the never ending story, standing on the shoulders of those that go before and Resurrection as the transition/state of mindfulness vs much food for thought.

I was especially reminded of my grandmother in Iowa whe died 1 1/2 yrs ago 1 wk shy of 102 yrs old and taught me to garden in her little town lot and her community plot at the edge of town (Preston, Iowa population

As a child of the Columbus, Ohio suburbs my parents and my siblings slowly got out of the habit of having a garden. My Dad did try until I was about 7 to keep a garden but with 3 kids and their activities he turned in his gardening hat for chauffer hat. I always felt happiest and most spiritual even as a child in the garden or in nature...even when I was down and nearly hospitalized due to poison ivy (my grandmother was hospitalized at least twice in her lifetime due to poison ivy and I proudly share her genes). There is a power and a design to every living plant that I will spend my life learning about and probably only scratch the surface. I relish passing gardening knowledge on. There is nothing better than sharing the bounty or problem solving with a gardening challenged friend. When the neighborhood kids swing through my gate and hang-out with me as I tend my garden what peace and joy. We take time to share and talk while we garden. I learn more about the world in those encounters than any other time. Who knew the wonders of ice hockey or the pain of parents going through divorce. These same kiddos who spend most of their days with clean fingers tapping at keyboards, smartphones or gaming controls. I think they will remember getting their hands dirty with me and discussing their passions and their's all good when turning the earth.

I look forward to reading Mr Guorian's books. Thank-you On Being for lovely and relevant programming. I don't ever miss your show.