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I am not religious but I did grow up in Detroit. The call to prayer is a background sound of my life as it is for most Detroiters. We really don't get the antipathy to Muslims. A Muslim from Detroit is a Detroiter and the biggest arguments between us tends to be about our sports teams.

Ramadan, is something different however. The breaking of the fast is where you come to the Mosque and sit with friends and, of course, argue about whether the Lions should have drafted a CB or not. Ramadan makes us a family even given all of our differences.

I will add this. When we do picnics out on the island, the Muslims don't plan it because there ain't going to be no barbeque or alcohol. This may seem shallow but all our lives our intertwined.

I am headed, in a few days to a lunch, with my friends:. one is Jewish, one is Muslim and none of us agree on anything except the unspoken fact that we are all human beings.