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I grew up in a catholic european country and became interested in Islam through marriage. To me Islam is an extension of christian belief, sort of like an "upgrade". It made everything that I questioned, e.a. Jesus (peace be upon him) being actually God, in the sense of the creator of the universe, fall into place. To me Islam is a protection, it tells me what to strive for and what to avoid. For example, not to overeat, have clean food, not carry a balance on credit cards. The movements of prayer are a daily exercise and one feels connected to the greater universe out there. Unfortunately, for many muslims it is a tradition they are born into and they do not grasp the deeper meaning of the religion. (The same is true for many christians). My advice to people coming into Islam always is:"Focus on the basics, the Quran and Sunnah, do not look around you what other people are doing."