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To me, Islam is what you make of it. Being Muslim means I have traditions that I choose to follow in my life that makes me feel good and unique such as the purpose of prayers, the fasting, believing that there is a superior being out there, God, and that God is as powerful as kind, that no human can speak on His or Her behalf.

I find beautiful about Islam is that it offers a wide spectrum of interpretation in a way that the bottom line to me is that we must get along and accept one another regardless which end of the spectrum a Muslim may find himself or herself. It is about finding your comfort zone and accepting it is ok for others to be in those other zones and that is the biggest challenge any one person faces, to accept others as they are.

Expressing Islam in my daily life shows at home and office from the way I deal with people to decorating. I like Islamic decoration and people asks questions about it. I translate for Iraqi refugees where I work, and that is how people found out I am a Muslim.

I hope that Muslims eliminate Islamic extremism by making tough choices such as going after terrorists wherever they are and by speaking against extremism. My concern will always be women's rights. I hope someday more Muslim women become judges, lawyers, interpret the Quran by a woman and hopefully stop once for all honor killings and domestic violence.

The future is better if Muslims let the past stay in the past and start moving forward in thinking and in the way they express themselves. I hope hate for the Jews is eliminated in Arab's culture for generations to come and that violence against women stops being shown on Arab television.

My question that I have is when Muslims will start really talking about the rights of women vs. the rights of men in Islam. To this day I can't understand why Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslim men in today's civilization where Muslims are not running the risk of being exterminated. I believe Muslim women are well capable of raising Muslim children regardless of what husband she chooses. It goes both ways.