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My faith in Islam fills my heart with positivism and strength that I use in good times and hard times. Islam drives me to want to make a difference, to help the venerable and to strive for a better world.

For me being a Muslim comes with a responsibility to think at every step, every action, and every reaction, how I will affect the world around me, the people who reside in that world and my own spirituality and development as a person.

Being a “Muslim” should not only be associated to individuals who believe in Islam. Being a Muslim is one who submits themselves to Allah (the Arabic word for God used by individuals in the Arabic speaking world, whether their faith is Islam, Christianity, Judaism or otherwise). This is just one of the misconceptions surrounding Islam.

I have always seen Islam as a ground breaking faith; there are parts of the Quran which describe facts that are being proved by scientists today. Islam is a faith that pushes us to increase our knowledge and drives us to become better.

The drive for knowledge is so important in Islam it dispels ignorance, hate and archaic attitudes that cause injustice. From a young age Islam made me open my mind and heart to everyone, whether they belonged to the faith or not. To respect yourself and your faith you must strive to understand and respect others.

It scares me that Islam is portrayed so negatively, mainly due to the hard lined politicised Islamists who I believe to have lost the true essence of Islam. It is a faith that should grow with every bit of knowledge we accumulate but there are so many individuals who use the “name” of Islam to push their own agendas of power, inequality towards women and create general anarchy. It concerns me when this is the majority of what the media portrays, and individuals who believe in Islam, are stereotyped.

In my life I am blessed to have friends and family from all over the world and who have differing beliefs. But it is my faith in Islam and the knowledge my faith has given me that has enabled me to be so blessed.