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Thank you speaking of faith for letting us the muslim nation to reflect and share with the rest of this mankind. As it may be the natural response to globalization of everything we do and effected by. Islam is a moderate religion in every aspect of it no matter what it seems to look or made look by some. Why not as it is the regulator and complete book with rules of the game for living in this earth. Moderation in its social teaching and economics teachings is among its corner stones of Islamic house. Islam does not prohibit its believers to be rich, nor it encourage to be poor. As a matter of fact when it directs its speech, the language is to spend to help the poor and how can we spend if we do not have the ability to do so. As the world is going though the economic crisis, Muslims should not be so much worried as what had been used to be was a life of greed and "what is it for me" mentality. While the rest is a secondary matter. All should have the right of owning as many deeds are through money beside a genuine smile. Interest has been considered to be a big sin since the infancy of islam, and that was not a coincident, as interest is slavery, a source of feud among members of society. And if one thinks carefully, todays main reason for the economic crisis is the fundamental principle of modern economics are based on monitory interests. With todays lifestyle, children grow with mindset that they should be rich to be able to live happy life. During the golden days of islam, Zakat (alms), the name of what a believer returns out of his or her wealth to the neediest of Muslims for the sake of the Almighty Allah, was collected and could not find a poor who deserve it. If we muslims continue to do the same, we will not find a poor in among our societies to feel empathy towards. I pray to God as the Ramadan is approaching that we all get cleansed from greediness and raise with our spirituality for the sake of ourselves and humanity