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To me the Muslim world is not that complex or diverse, but rather is rich and thorough. As Muslims we believe that all humans are equal before God and that there is no power or will other than God's power and God's will; that all is according to God's plan.
Personally, I was not always able to see things in this manner. Growing up as a Muslim I encountered many questions and very little answers. But now as an adult, being a Muslim is being the best that I can be. The beauty of Islam is how achievable this goal is for the Muslim. It is a guidance that has no match, shining a light to the truth with every passing moment; constantly showing The Way to all who ask.
Every single day Muslims must remember their Lord, it is the true definition of the word. A 'Muslim' is one who has submitted, and as the root of the word implies; one who has submitted seeking peace. Muslims stand in worship at least five times a day, and while Islam teaches that worship is important, it is the constant consciousness of our Lord that is greater. Every single day, every single moment is a chance- rather, a responsibility to remember our Lord with our actions and our hearts.
For a Muslim and his future there should not be hope but rather faith. And in my heart that is all there is when I look to my future and the future of Islam, faith in what I believe, faith that all my questions shall be answered, and above all faith that the will of Allah is most supreme. I will continue on my path, striving to be the best that I can for the sake of God; being the best example I can for those around me, Muslims and non alike so that the Muslim world and the world as a whole can also be the best that it can be.