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Well, First of all, I would like to thank you for giving this opportunity for muslims in USA to express their views about islam. First of all I thank Allah for giving me the knowledge and truth about life so I can protect myself from selfdestruction. I consider my self lucky.After 53 years and last 35 years of search I reach the conclusion for my self that the only way I can survive in this world is to hold on Islamic faith. I went through trials and tribulations in my struggling years from being very poor to Allhamdu Llah(Thank Allah) living comfortable. I shall explain why islam protect me. I am not allowed to drink Alcohol. Well now we know problems with alcohol. Over 1400 years ago Prophet Muhamed (PBUH)recieved revelation (Quran) to prohibit Alcohol. There are more than 16000 death because of alcohol in USA. I am not allowed to have intimate relationship with females without marriage. Research showed impact of early non-marrital sexual intercourse on man behavioure which lead to high divorce rate. Not only that but we see now Sexually transmitted diseases are very high among teenagers and impact of this we see every day on females and males is tremendouse cost to person and economy. We have very high rates of female organ cancer at young age (cervical cancer) which cause high rates of hystrectomy in very young age in addition to suferring and economical costs. Children born without father. The impact of this on mother and society is countless. I am not allowed to do recreational drugs. we know the effect of drugs on health, life and society.
In addition to all of above the peace and tranquility my heart feels and no place for depressions in my heart. If I have a problem I return to my creator for help and support. Now there are evidence that when you pray and prostrate and your head touch the ground there are positive charges in our brain and our body neutralized by negative charges of earth and gravity and cause calm and relaxation in body. I do experience this everytime I pray (Islamic prayer).

I am not allowed to lie, steal, cheat or take any body else rights. I enjoy these in this beautiful country USA. I thank USA and all citizen of USA who understand the freedom Allah gives us to practice our religion and the respect from the Majority of my fellow US citizen to me. I ask Allah to help all of us to be the best person and help each other.

Thank you
May Allah bless all of us and USA.

I can go on and on for pages.