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I lost my son, Mohammad Salman Hamdani, on 911 at WTC II. Instead of grieving for my loss, I found myself defending my Muslim faith in a society who looked at Muslim Americans with suspicion. I started speaking at inter faih forums and universities talking about the sacrifice of my son. He responded to his call of duty to rescue fellow citizens irrespective of their nationlity, race, faith or color of skin. He transcended all these discriminations and that is his legacy.

I became very involved with civil liberties and the Patruit Act, under which the Habeas Corpus stands suspended since October, 2001. This demonizing of Islam has to stop if America wants to regain her dignity.

Islam is a great faith, but like other faiths, has been twisted and exploited by politicians for their selfish agendas.
You may conduct a google search and formulae your own report and get pictures of the family.

Any questions, contact me at

Talat Hamdani
Mother of Mohammad Salman Hamdani