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Being muslim, to me, means accepting all faiths on this Earth, and treating every living or inanimate object with respect and genuine care and interest. (Un)fortunately, I have no reference point other than Islam, and if I take that as my base, then, the following points must be considered.

1. Per Islam, God sent 124000 messengers to share his message across different times. He also sent multiple messengers at the same time to different parts of the world.

2. Islam CLEARLY states that there is no complusion in religion.

So, if we were to take these 2 points into consideration, then, in order to be muslim, I have to openly and fairly acknowledge that I am jewish, I am christian, I am hindu, I am bhuddist etc hence I am muslim.

I say this because ALL religions, regardless of their origin, focus on humanity towards your fellow man, and, the ultimate acknowledgement that there is ONE God.

So, differences in religion to me is like differences in languages. All languages have ultimately one purpose and that is to be a medium for communication, and likewise, all religions have one purpose and that is the acknowledgement of ONE God.

Being Muslim to me is NOT about maintaining a cultural identity (Arab or indopak), nor is it about hard or fast rules that are not open to interpretation.

If something is rigid, any force put on it will cause it to break, but, if something is flexible, it will take the shape of the force exerted upon it, bear it, and return to its original position.

So, once again, being muslim, to me is being accepting of all.

thank you / Aali.