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Being a Muslim means to be in obedience/ submission to the will of God; The God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, the Creator of the universe.
It means to be good, and work on being better person, citizen, husband, father, son, a friend and good co-worker.
To serve God by serving the creation of God, the humanity.
To await the return of Jesus, the Messiah, and the Propeht of God.
Islam (monotheism and submission to the will of God) is what Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad taught. So it is a universal religion.

Everything is beautiful about Islam.
Some things might seem strange in isolation, but when put in context AND in relation to teaching of other major faiths (including Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism etc...) they don't seem as strange anymore.
Not every thing is applicable at all times. Just like anything, there are rules and then there are the exceptions. Some times many forget the exceptions.

Muslims' traditions & cultures are as different as African Christians as compared to American Christians etc...
Islam is different from culture & tradition, but it seems like more often culture is what makes it in the media, and portrayed as "Islamic."

My fear/ challenge?
Despite all my humanly efforts to be good, I cannot live up to the high standards of Islam. I am afraid the people around me might judge Islam based my faults and shortcomings.
So, please, don't judge Islam soley based on my actions, traditions, or culture.

I can add more, but this might be enough. :-)