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I myself grew up Christian and to make a long story short I became Muslim after some troubled teen years, that most Americans go through. Looking back over the past five years I can see all of the amazing things I have accomplished. I went from being a kid with no purpose but just going through the everyday steps just because that's what you do. Go to school, go to work, enroll in college etc... When I remember those days, I can remember feeling dead, like a zombie, without thought doing the daily activities. Now as a Muslim, with the purpose of my life I now recognize that Allah did not create humans or jinn except to worship him. Everything I do whether it is reading the Quran, praying, fasting, or simply doing my laundry it all can be considered as worship as long as I keep my purpose of life in mind and perform the actions the way Islam instructs me to do so. Everything I do can be classified as worship and this is the reason I now perform so well in all of my tasks. I have found that I am far beyond any other kids my age. After completing two years of a four year degree I have obtained a position at a medium sized company in a field that I plan to stay in for my life. Now I am earning more than any other kid my age. The funny thing about it is that I don't care about the money. I looked for something that I thought I could be happy in, that would be beneficial for Islam and ultimately pleasing my creator; and it just so happened to be that this was also a high paying career.

Part of the greatness in Islam that allowed me to achieve these accomplishments is the brotherhood in Islam. Muhammad, Allah's final prophet and messenger, may peace and blessings are upon him said, “A believer is a mirror to his brother. A believer is a brother of a believer: he protects him against any danger and guards him from behind.” I have created a network of people that I love just as much as my own real blood brother and they are all over the world. Islam has the widest variety of people in the world. There are Muslims from every continent that has life.

With this wide variety of people and large number of followers it is hard to imagine every one of them having success stories such as mine and this is the problem I fear faces the Muslims today. We have the tools it takes to become the greatest person alive, but not all of us know how to use these tools. It’s like having a plumber in a computer hardware store. Even with all the tools in the world he could not repair the computers. The Muslims need to learn to be better rounded and know that every single one of us is extremely important and can contribute to the return of Islam. We need politicians, we need computer programmers, we need journalists, we need shoe makers, we need garbage collectors and we need religious scholars. I pray that Allah gives success to the Muslims and that he shows the beauty of Islam to the people. In order to get the best perspective when looking at the beauty of Islam I invite you to become a practicing Muslim and see this beauty.