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The "muslim world" to me has, for the most part, lost the morals and ethics tought by the prophet Mohammad peace be upon him yet has retained the name 'muslim'. This ignorance of hte muslimd of their religion has allowed for few to hijack Islam and taint it with terrorism. To me, being muslims is not a name or a title, rather it is an attribute. The attribute of submitting to Allah alone (the one true God worthy of worship). Only in this direct connection to God do I find peace and love and guidance. Islam is all beautiful. The entire way of life which is nessesetated by worshipping one God only is the solution to problems all over the world.

In terms of daily life, Islam (submission to God, is expressed in every aspect of my life. When I sleep, I pray to Allah to keep my soul safe. When I marry, I do it to please Allah. When i speak, I try to say only what pleases Allah. Anything i do that pleaases allah is considered worship [on top of the 5 daily prayers and other rituals]. Even an action of the heart such as forgiving someone is a good deed. In this way, my life, rituals, and death and all that in between can be worship with the right intention and right action. This is the purpose of life as Allah has told us in his book of guidance (the Quran) and as explained by the prophet mohammad's actions.

Thank you