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I was born and raised in an educated family of Pakistan, where the emphasis was on strong moral ethics according to teachings of Islam. However, I must admit that all my Prayers, fasting and charity was more of a ritual, until I came to US in 1997.Islam was revealed to me and my faith increases as I saw the misery in people's lives by not following the teachings of Islam. There is no such thing as culture or creed in Islam.Muslims are united by their Ideology and belief in One God,and accepting all Prophets, Muhammad being the last one.Although, after WW I, the nationalism and ethnicity has lead to a lack of Unified Muslim Leadership. The most beautiful thing about Islam is the concept of "Measured out" by the " Most Just" Creator.It effects our daily lives: there is no turf war between man and women, between Privileged and poor, between the Capital and labor once the rules of the Creator regarding the Rights and responsibilities are followed. My concern is the lack of awakening regarding Islam in the Muslim world, and hope that one day people will devote as much of their time towards the Understanding of Islam as they do to obtain their livelihood or for entertainment.When the changes come from the hearts of People, it will be only then that the real Peace will be on earth.