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As-Salaam Alaikum
To all the Muslim brothers and sisters out there, Eid Mubarak, the best time of the year has indeed started for the fastest growing segment of the USA and spiritually conscious people all around the world. I take this effort to tell our story with the general public dispite a common attide of pregidis against muslims in total.
The point that must be made is to ask, that reasonable minded America consider that we are a logical country here so we need to wakeup to the fact that to paint a billion plus and growing number of the world peolpe as evil because we are also "vitimized", to profess the same religion as a small, less than 1 persent of our true religion, how can logical people conclude that we are all the same? The term islamic terrorist is an oxymoron. A person may be a terorist or a muslim but not both at the same time? the terms contradict each other. Ours is a religion of peace we only believe that we have to protect our selfs,family and our fellow muslims from attacks on us. We muslims are truly logical people, meaning that we understand all christians can't be lumped together with madmen that are so out of touch with reality that they may think that they are christians when in reality they have simply strayed off the true path of that religion. America don't be afraid of muslims, the vast majority of us only want to be friends in peace and undestanding.
Now a little more about us, well we feel peace in our hearts that our guide book The Honorable Qu'ran is unchanged, unaltered and the exact same message The Almighty God expressed through his angel Jebril(Gabriel)to our belovet Prophet Muhammad(s.a.a.w.)more that 1000 years ago. That along with our Prophets life stories listed in his Hadiths this imformation is all we need to let us know, we are on the best path, not the only path, we are tought that TRUE CHRISTIANS and TRUE JEWS will also make it into Heaven, but we feel our is the most clearly defined road and the path without any confusion if you only read our Qu'ran and the Prophets Hadiths.
The Specking of Faith host Ms.Tippit, on the radio, asked the question,what do we muslims find beautiful in Islam... well the answer is all around us every day. Almighty Gods endless creation is one aspect of this life we find beauty in. God Almighty created everything,the animals with their innate knowledge of life, that is no accident that new born babies in the wild can be up and striving soon after birth with little or no teaching, depending on which animal you want to talk about. Where would we be without honeybees
and the wonderous work they do for peoples food supplys?
In our wonderous Qu'ran we are told taht if one were to double the worlds oceans and if you were to use all that water as ink, if that were possible, all that ink on all the paper from all the worlds trees, would not be enough to express on paper all the glory and prasize that God almighty is trully due for all that he has given to mankind. Ramadan is about refousing our lives on what rally matters.
God did not make this universe and this worlds lifetime for us humans just for fun and games. We muslims we get that we know that, we are tought that from BEFORE the cradddle. Ramadan is our time to remember for anyone that may have lost focused, that Almighty God, the prasizing of him is why we are in this lifetime.
As much as the devil wants people to get lost in this worlds material
nonsence, only God and what he wills, that is the only thing that matters now and the only thing that will matter on judgement day.
how people see you today is what foolious people worry about when only success on judgement day, that is where the real winners and losers will be sorted out. America also likes to beleive that we get to set the rules on judgement day... only the devil working overtime
could have us thinking that our wills, our wants matter on that day. wrong people only the creator and owner of that day gets to make the rules for that day, we as muslims know this fact and Ramadan is a gift of a time for us to refocus on what really matter's; Prasizing God,respecting all his messengers and his signs, loving each other is very key in our religion, we are incomplete until we love each other as God loves us all. Once again understand that that last point is flat against the idea of being a terorist.
This is just a small idea of what we are all about but the hard part is that to get the full picture one needs to read our holy book and that is only in arabic. The english copies aren't translations because
the lanquage doesn't translate completly enough to have the full true same meaning. The Qu'ran in english will only give you a small idea of what your missing until you csn read the real thing in arabic.
Unfortuantly Arabic words have so many meanings that one must read it in it's Arabic to fully appreciate it.