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This month is not simply about Fasting from food, but fasting from prohibited things as well. For if you are not guarding your eyes, ears, tongue, and heart, for you are only going hungry and not truly fasting for Allah (swt).

This month is about the Quran, coming close to Allah(swt) and those that you love. abstaining from that which is not loved. I like to call the beloved month.

The month of Ramadhan is the month in which Allah (swt) sent down the Quran. It is a month in which Allah has made greater than any other month. The Shaytan are locked up, and the gates of Paradise are open. Any good deed that one does during this month, has greater blessings than it would in any other month.

We have awaited like kids on the first day of school for this month to arise year after year. Masjids become fuller than they typically are. you greet family and friends with the blessings of the month. You obtain from what is haram, and observe the fast during the daylight hours.

It is in the Holy month that many renew their faith, and work on the weaknesses and draw themselves closer to Allah(swt). This month for myself personally I intend to spend more time on my Islamic studies and the Arabic language rather than on Facebook and Twitter.

Not that I watch much TV, but I will insure that I lower my gaze from things that are Haram, especially that which is on TV. Guard my ears and my tongue. For these will sure make a weak heart. Inshallah I ask Allah(swt) to bless us all during this month, guide us to do what is right, and protect our families from the fire of hell. Ameen.

During the month of Ramadhan Allah (swt) offers us an opportunity to gain major blessings thins month, more than we would any other month. One specific opportunity is through reading the Quran.

Many of us gather at night for the Iftar( breaking fasts), Nightly Prayers, and recitation of the Quran. I miss these days, and I wish that they would never end; for it is this blessed month that I have no excuses than to spend time with my Lord and those that I love and hold so close to my heart.