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As an American Muslima I find it difficult to find "true" explanations of Islam in any Media source. The media continues to propagate the sensational stories; proclaims most terrorists as "Muslims" or "Islamic Extremists." The general popluation seems to think women are down trodden, subservient 2nd class citizens who cannot do anything and are, under rules in the Quran, to be hidden, treated poorly and tucked away.

As a member of the NPR system - KXJZ in Sacramento - I appreciate this moment in time. Islam is rules and morals of life;, an encompassing way of life as well as a belief. To dispell a few common misperceptions: I am not a 2nd class servant. I wear the Hijab because I want to. I am not married to a "foriegner." My husband does not keep me home. I work outside the home as well as at home. I cook because I want to and choose a healthy Halal diet for the same resons persons of the Jewish faith choose a Kosher diet - I am commanded to in the Quran. Islam is peace. The Quran, provides life guidance that finalizes the guidance given in the Torah and the Gospels. In all my studies I've only encountered love, kindness and positiverules to live by. I pray 5 times a day to keep my life centered and the thought of Allah at the center of all I do; it makes me a better person.

I'd appreciate it if NPR would do some additional research and discontinue the now long standing trend of calling Terrorists Muslim Terrorists. I pray that all will some day have a real understanding of Islam, not the cultural preferences seen on TV.

As we go forward, I am encouraging you to say hello when you see me. Smile rather than turn away and call me "strange." One woman even asked if I had ears "under that thing" on my head. Yes, I have ears and I hear you. If the words or actions you are contemplating would hurt your, the will hurt me.

Please don't read this as a rant. This is my attempt to share with you the beauty of Islam. I've met sisters who speak Swahelli, French, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, Turkish and yes, English. We are one. Salams
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